October 10-11, 2003
Import Challenge at the
Burnham Boilers 200 Season Finale
Limerock Park

ELIGIBLE CLASSES: This New England Region Restricted Regional consists of two events, the 2003 LIME ROCK PARK IMPORT CHALLENGE, and the SPEC RACER FORD (SRF) CHALLENGE. The 2003 Lime Rock Park IMPORT CHALLENGE is restricted to cars eligible in the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Improved Touring A (ITA) and Improved Touring S (ITS) classes. The SPEC RACER FORD CHALLENGE is restricted to Spec Racer Ford cars. A maximum of 38 cars will be accepted for each event (Import Challenge and SRF Challenge). Any entry in excess of this maximum will be wait-listed according to the order and date the Entry is received. On-Line Registration will close at midnight October 7, 2003

GOVERNING RULES: This Restricted Regional is governed by SCCA General Competition Rules (GCR), subject to any changes specified in these Supplementary Regulations and the Track Specific Rules. Competitors will also abide by any special conditions required to conduct the host event.

ENTRIES: Entry, Medical, and Timing slips must be completed and submitted with appropriate fee to the Registrar listed on the form. Payment may also be made at registration. The entry fee will be deposited upon receipt. A $50 late fee may be charged for entries not received by Friday, October 3. 2003. A $20 fee will be charged for all checks returned unpaid from the bank.

REGISTRATION CREDENTIALS: All event participants must register during scheduled hours and sign a release. They will be issued credentials at Registration. Lost credentials will not be replaced. All participants (except those on temporary memberships) must wear their photo ID. Extra crew passes may be purchased. Vehicle passes will be limited and will be available at the discretion of the Registrar.

CREW: The entry fee paid to New England Region permits access to the track for one driver plus crew, unless otherwise stipulated. Anyone arriving after the close of registration must pay a non-refundable admission fee to the track to enter the grounds or wait until the next scheduled registration. Only the driver or crew chief can add or change names on the crew list.

WITHDRAWAL OF ENTRY: A form for withdrawing an entry and receiving a refund in the event that a car cannot compete (car never sets a tire on the track) is available at registration. The form can be used after an event by mail to the Road Racing Comptroller. Driver cancellations or withdrawals of entries must be made in writing and postmarked no later than 10 days after the event

SCRUITINEERING: Scale times will be listed in the schedule. All cars that sustain structural damage must be taken to impound for inspection.

IMPOUND: Impound will be conducted according to GCR 11.3.

MEETINGS: Driversí meetings may be called. Listen for announcements. Attendance is mandatory.

PADDOCK: Speed limit for all vehicles is 15 MPH and all traffic signs must be obeyed. Any person operating any vehicle must operate that vehicle in a safe manner. Violations will be subject to action by the Chief Steward

PIT & GRID: Pits and grid area is restricted to SCCA members with appropriate credentials only. SMOKING IS PROHIBITED. Trackside signaling may be done only after all cars have taken the Green Flag. (This includes restarts.) No vehicles other than race cars involved in Tech or Impound are to be parked in the pit area. Service vehicles may not be parked behind the pit wall. No refueling in the pit area.

CHECKERED FLAG: A checkered flag may be displayed at additional stations to end a practice session.

LAST LAP SIGNAL: Whenever possible, the last lap in a race will be shown by the Starter displaying to the field a sign with a number one. This display, or lack thereof, is non-protestable and informational only.

TRANSPONDERS: All cars must be equipped with an AMB Tranx260 transponder. The Transponder # must be given to registration.

SOUND: Sound limit is 103 dB, and will be measured per GCR.

VICTORY LAPS: May be allowed. No more than 2 crew members may accompany a driver on a victory lap and they must be inside the passenger compartment.

INJURIES: To be eligible to receive medical benefits from our insurer, any participant who sustains an injury (no matter how small) must go to Race Medical and have a green card completed.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: - No alcoholic beverages may be consumed in the Paddock or Pit Area before the end of the dayís race program.

CANCELLATION: The event organizers reserve the right to cancel/postpone this event should circumstances beyond their control develop. When possible, all entrants will receive advance notice of such action with advice on refund arrangements.

TRACK RULES: The Chief Steward has the authority and the responsibility for enforcing all rules contained in the GCR, the event Supplementary Regulations, and the Track Specific Rules.

ADDITIONS/CHANGES: These Supplementary Regulations, and any other Rules, may be altered by the Chief Steward to improve safety. Every effort will be made to post any changes at Registration, however, it is the Driverís responsibility to be alert for public address announcements.


RACE LENGTH: The race will consist of 20 laps or 30 minutes, whichever occurs first.

RACE AWARDS: Trophies will be awarded at the Winners Circle to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers. Drivers are responsible to be present for all award activities.

RACE PURSES: The following cash awards will be distributed:

1st Place $1,600 2nd Place $1,400 3rd Place $1,100

4th Place $800 5th Place $600 6th Place $550 7th Place $500 8th Place $450 9th Place $425

10th Place $400 11th Place $375 12th Place $300 13th Place $250 14th Place $200 15th Place $150

TAIL END CHARLIE AWARD: A consolation award of $100 to the competitor who finishes the race in last position.

HARD CHARGER AWARD: A $300 cash will be awarded to the competitor who makes up the most positions in the race. Total positions gained will be determined based on finishing position relative to the starting grid position in the race.

POLE POSITION AWARD: Cash awards to the top three qualifiers of $300 1st place, $200 2nd Place, and $100 3rd Place.


RACE LENGTH: The 2003 IMPORT CHALLENGE will employ a back-to-back sprint race format. Two sprint races, each scheduled for 12 laps or 15 minutes, will be run. The races will be separated by a break of approximately 10 minutes, which will be used to transition from one race to the next. Timing for each race will begin when the first car crosses the Start/Finish line on the first attempt to start. The race will end when the first car crosses the Start/Finish line after the checkered flag has been displayed. The race clock will continue during any yellow or black flag periods. The race clock may be stopped during red flag periods at the discretion of the Chief Steward.

TRANSITION PERIOD: After taking the checkered flag at the finish of the first race, each car will proceed to pit lane at the conclusion of their cool-down lap. The first car to enter pit lane will follow the directions of the Pit Marshals to stop at a pit stop well down pit lane. Each following car will stop behind the car that preceded it into pit lane. (Any car entering the Paddock, whether during the Transition period, or any other time during the race, will be considered a retirement and will not be allowed back on the track, nor permitted to enter the second race.) Once the last car has entered pit lane, all drivers will be given a 5-minute warning. At the end of this 5 minutes, Grid Marshals will release cars in Grid Order for a formation lap around the track to line up in Grid Order behind the Pace Car on the Front Straight at Start/Finish. No servicing or repairs may be conducted during the Transition Period without the express approval of the Chief Steward.

REFUELING: No refueling will be permitted at any time after cars have entered the False Grid prior to the first race, including, but not limited to, during any pit stop or the Transition Period.

TIRE CHANGES: Competitors may not change tires at any time after the start of the first race, without the express approval of the Chief Steward, or his designee. In the interest of safety, the Chief Steward may permit tire changes if a tire or wheel has been damaged as a result of a track incident. All tires claimed to be damaged will be given over to Impound until the Results of the race have been declared final.

GRID POSITIONS: Grid positions for the first race will be determined by Qualifying times. Grid positions for the second race will be determined by the finishing order of the first race.

DRIVER CHANGES: Driver changes are permitted, but not mandatory. Prizes and trophies will be awarded to the driver who is in the car at the end of each race. Prior to each race, it will be the sole responsibility of the driver to provide Timing and Scoring with the name of the driver. Failure to do so will result in the awarding of prizes and trophies to the driver first listed on the Entry Form.

DRIVERS MEETING: A Mandatory Drivers Meeting will be scheduled during the event. Notice of the time and location of the Meeting will be available at Registration. Failure to attend the Drivers Meeting can result in disqualification.

RACE AWARDS: Trophies will be awarded at the Winners Circle to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each class for each race immediately following the second race. Drivers are responsible to be present for all award activities.

RACE PURSES: The following cash awards will be distributed for each race:

1st Place $250 2nd Place $150 3rd Place $100

SUNOCO HARD CHARGER AWARDS: $100 in certificates good for the purchase of Sunoco fuels at Lime Rock Park will be awarded to the competitor in each class who make up the most positions in each race. Total positions gained will be determined based on finishing positions relative to their starting grid position in each race.

IDENTIFICATION: The Lime Rock Import Challenge will supply all required decals to participants. All cars must display all decals in the prescribed location to be eligible to earn purse money. Decals must be displayed as follows:

Lime Rock Park decals on either side of the car on the front quarter panel between the wheel and the door

Sunoco decals on either side of the car on the front quarter panel ahead of the wheel